Top choice for Breastfeeding products and supplies

Updated: Feb 23

Here is a list of my top breastfeeding products and supplies that I have used throughout both pregnancies.

“I have breastfed both my kids. My first for a little over a year and my second for 2 years with exclusive for 6 months (yikes!).”

Spectra Baby -USA S1 Plus Breast Pump

This was my favorite pump of all time hands down! It was an effective and powerful breast pump that was really efficient when it came to pumping (Hospital Strength is a must-have). While at work, during my pumping sessions, I was able to get more milk out in a short 15-minute break session. It is comparable to a hospital-grade pump without the price and bulky attachments. It made life and the dreaded pumping at work experience a little easier. It was very comfortable and quiet, which were also two of my requirements when I did my research. (Do check also if it is available for free with your insurance provider or for an additional cost to upgrade). It is available on

Medela Freestyle Mobile Double Electric Breast Pump, Hands-Free Breast Pump

This was my all-time favorite on-the-go travel breast pump. The hands-free option and lightweight travel portability enabled me to travel with ease. I brought this pump on my way to a weekend conference where I only had a carry-on bag. I was able to pack it in my bag and had no problems going through the TSA checkpoint. This is a must for traveling moms! Now they have upgraded this device with way more options than what I had since I last breastfed my child. Check the new upgrades out. It is available on

Lansinoh® Simple Wishes Size Hands-Free Pumping Bra

I fell in love with this bustier when I was breastfeeding my first child midway through the experience. I wish I had discovered it earlier however because it would have no doubt save me holding up my breast cups during every pumping session especially the dreaded nighttime or work sessions. It is available on

Lansinoh Disposable Stay Dry Night and Day Pads

The BEST in nursing pads! I have tried other products and have had some shareable embarrassing stories of pads sticking out of your tops or falling right out of your bra in public! Yes, it happens. Do not in any way buy any pad without adhesive that enables the pad to attach to the bra and keep it from moving around. Lansinoh Disposable pads are my all-time favorites. They are individually packaged for quick slip into work or travel bags. They stick(yes!) to the bra. They are comfortable and do not feel wet or leaky at any time. A MUST buy! It is available on

Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin Breast Creme

While breastfeeding, I occasionally became sore and experience cracked nipples especially during