My Top 10 favorite baby products

Updated: Feb 2

After two pregnancy experiences and many trial and error with products on the market. I have created my favorite Top 10 baby products of all time unless something better hits the market.

I have tried many products on the market and I am sure expert moms can attest to that as well. I know this will be very helpful for not only our first-time moms but every mom can learn about other products as well. These are the products that I have used and loved for both my kids! Let me know your own opinion, critique, and favorite baby products in our forum section as well.

My Top 10 favorite baby products of all times!”

1. Million Dollar Baby Classic Asbury Crib

I love this crib so much that it does look like a "million dollars" without the million-dollar price tag of course. Both my kids have the exact same crib. The crib is first and foremost unique in that it will grow will your child from the baby stage all the way through teen years. Just a few hardware adjustments and you will never have to buy another bed for a long long time. It changes from a crib to a toddler bed with partial rails or without rails up until they are ready to move to a full-size bed. That's a money saver tip right there!

It is available on Click the link to connect to the site.

2. Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier

You cannot absolutely survive without getting a baby carrier and not just any baby carrier the perfect one for you. I tried the other more structured carriers but found them to be somewhat either heavy or bulky to travel with while going to the park or zoo etc. I absolutely fell in love with the Baby K'Tan. This carrier was lightweight, easy to use, slips on like a t-shirt and offered multiple wearing positions. This carrier passed the test for me at a day at Bush Gardens when my youngest son was about 2 months old. He was swaddled in my carrier the entire time and I was able to travel on the train, enjoy the live shows and animals with so much ease.

It is available on Click the link to connect to the site.

3. DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman

Do not ever go without a glider! You have been warned. I wish I had a glider, especially for the breastfeeding stages with my first son. The rocking chair will help especially with fussy babies, sleeping and middle of the night wakings or breast-feeding. A rocker is a MUST for all first time moms! You will thank me later. The DaVinci is high back with a lumbar pillow included for extra lower back support. It also has a bonus upholstered ottoman included with purchase as well.

It is available on Click on the link to connect to the site.

4. Bobby Pillow

What would I do without the Bobby Pillow? It was perfect for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. This is your moment to just sit and enjoy being with your newborn. This pillow provided that support. Once your baby starts growing, it can be used for baby lounging, tummy time and sitting up as your child develops.

It is available on Click on the link to connect to the site.

5. Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

The Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper includes 13+ engaging toys & activities for your little adventurer. My kids could not get enough of it. It kept them entertained and is very good for developmental milestones. Also a plus for you, to get a quick break for laundry or cooking while they play. It is a must-have