How to manage working while being pregnant

I didn't get the memo of what to expect when working while being pregnant. In fact, the first time around, I had absolutely no idea what was expected of me as soon as I became pregnant. Yes I do confess that I was somewhat terrified at first.

My initial thoughts were, hey, can I do this? Will I be able to accomplish what I needed to do while working? It is obvious, at 7 months, I am walking around with a huge soccer ball shaped belly and thought that everybody should be accommodating right?

This is my experience, and yours may be different based on your career and job description. However I can only provide you with advice based on what I encountered while working both times during my pregnancies.

I worked in a fast pace environment. My background as a pharmacist at the time required me to be flexible working in a highly stressful environment. I rotated between two different positions of standing or sitting while working for long 10-12 hour shifts at any time.

The length of time I spent in the workplace and my job responsibilities varied for both pregnancies. With my first child, I worked only during the later stages of pregnancy (starting at 7 months) shortly after relocating to a new state, while for my second child I worked the entire length of pregnancy until birth (9 months).

Be reminded that your ability to work while being pregnant is based on your job responsibilities and requirements. It is different for everyone.

As always, I recommended speaking with your healthcare provider, whenever you make any changes that may affect your health or progress.

Are you currently working while being pregnant? What are your concerns? Let me know. Please feel free to share your own experiences or ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I will be happy to help you!


“Working while being pregnant and knowing your limits is essential for a successful pregnancy"


Self-care is the most overlooked area that we don't really think about much sometimes when we are pregnant. We are constantly focused on the growth of our child but we also need to be aware of our own health and well-being.

Self-care is very important while being pregnant. It is a constant reminder each day that you are taking care of a growing child. Your emotional and physical well-being has to be in balance in order to ensure a successful pregnancy, especially while working.

Here are a few of the self care areas that I highly recommend that women should be aware of and be able to manage effectively while working during pregnancy.


This is the most important factor in any given situation or work environment that needs to be addressed as a mom while working. What are your stress levels at your job? Are you working in a high-paced environment? What is the workload like for you? It is important to be aware of the levels of stress and to plan accordingly with your doctor what to expect in that situation.

Stress is a huge problem while being pregnant. When not addressed immediately or taken into consideration, it can affect your growing baby and may even cause other medical problems and issues later on throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

The key however, is to identify it quickly and find ways to reduce the stress. It may also involve asking for accommodations to be switched to a lighter workload, change of work environment, or reducing the work hours depending on the situation.

Eating healthy foods

I was a busy mom with both pregnancies trying to balance everything with home and work. Sometimes during this busy time, I didn't get the chance to eat healthy, balanced meals. I was definitely guilty of a fast-food binge, especially in the middle of the night when I had a pregnancy craving. My poor hubby suffered through that time (yikes!).

Eating healthy meals is therefore important and it doesn't mean that you can't visit your favorite