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How to make a LEGO table from IKEA LACK center table

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

As promised, I wanted to give you the instructions on how to make the LEGO table I did for my kid's toy room makeover (Decluttering and Organizing a Toy Room or Space) and the items that I used to create it.

My kids 4 and 5 are already LEGO fans. They love creating and building with LEGOS. I love that it helps them with creativity and as such, I really try to expand their interest in this toy. My eldest son already wants to be an engineer, which is quite surprising that he already knows what he wants to do. He is always trying to figure out how things work, like the kitchen sink or the toilet. Things a normal 5-year-old his age doesn't really care to think about. Nevertheless, I try to help him to research or answer his questions when I can (thanks Google!).

So I wanted to make them a big enough LEGO table that would grow with them as they continued on their LEGO building adventures. My first approach was to get them an already made LEGO table. Was I surprised when I saw the prices of these tables! Are you kidding me, they were at minimum $100 or more for just a small table with 2 bins.

I decided to hit Pinterest to pick my DIY brain to find something that would not be too small, but big enough for them to grow as their interest grew. It would also help my lovely feet from stepping on one more of those LEGO pieces thrown all over my house.

What has your experience been? Please feel free to ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I would be happy to help you!

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Decluttered and organized toy room for kids
“This DIY LEGO table will grow with your child's LEGO creativity!"


I decided to go with the Ikea LACK large coffee table (46 1/2x30 3/4 "). It is available in three different colors (white, black-brown, and white stained oak). I choose the white color because I wanted a brighter-looking toy room. I also choose the larger table, for my kids to grow with their love of LEGOS. There is also a smaller version [LACK Coffee table (35x22x18") - $29.99] of the table as well that can be used depending on the space that you have. The side tables are also an option to use as well if you are tighter on space, or want a more mobile option.


I used the Ikea TROFAST small storage bins to place under the table just to keep the same storage look throughout my toy room. I ordered them in white. I used three bins, but you can also opt-in for more bins as your child's interest in LEGOS grows. For now, I decided to use only three bins.

IKEA TROFAST BIN SLIDERS - Free The bin sliders that I used came with the Ikea TROFAST units that I had installed for their toy room. I used a couple of the ones I had at the bottom when I used the larger bins for my unit. If you do have the unit and have some available ones, then you can use the ones that are not being used. Alternatively, you can get them for free if you ask your local Ikea store for the parts (Part #120056). If not, then here are alternatives that I found as well on Pinterest that others have used as well for installation or just storage.



This is also an alternative that can be used as well if you are unable to get the above slider.



You can also use large Tupperware or plastic bins and place them directly under your table as well if the first or second option is not available to you or is not your preference.


This is used to attach the sliders under the table without having to do any drilling on the table, in the event you decide to use it for something else later.


I used the mounting putty to attach the LEGO plates to the surface of the table. The great thing about the mounting putty is that I am able to remove the plates later on if I wanted to. You can however purchase wood glue or any strong craft glue if you want the plates to be permanent.


I decided to get compatible LEGO baseplates instead of purchasing the real LEGO base plates, just to keep my budget as low as possible. The alternatives worked well with the base plates. They are available in packages containing a mixture of different colors and also, green and grey by themselves. But if you do want the original, you can also purchase it on or any store that sells the original LEGO base plates.


  • Scissors (used to cut the mounting tape)

  • Level (used to line up the sliders under the table)

  • Pencil (used to mark out the position of sliders)


Step 1

Install your Ikea LACK coffee table by following the instructions on the package. I was able to do it myself for the first part until I got to the shelf underneath and I had to get my hubby to install that section for me (sorry I tried to do it on my own but couldn't figure it out).

Step 2

Turn the table over on the back and BEFORE putting the shelf underneath, make sure to install the sliders.

Step 3

Using the pencil, the level, and the small Ikea bins, measure out where each slide should go, equally under the bottom. Use the plastic bins to help you to mark the placement of the sliders with your pencil.

Step 4

Measure the Gorilla mounting tape to the size of the bottom of the sliders, then cut it equally in half to give you two strips. Place the tape securely onto the slider, then attach the slider with the tape to the bottom of the table.

Step 5

Try the bins again to make sure that it slides easily underneath the table.

Step 6

Turn the table over and then attach the 12 (6 base plates if you used a smaller table) base plates on the top of the table. By using a small amount of mounting putty on the four corners of each square.

Step 7

Use loose LEGO pieces to fit the plates on the board evenly.

Step 8

Add stools or chairs (optional) to complete the look. The chairs that I used are the Ikea MAMMUT children stools ($7.99 each). They are available in the colors, yellow and orange at the Ikea store.

There you have it a LEGO table HACK that your child can grow with for years to come.

Overall I do hope that this blog will inspire you to create your own unique LEGO table as well. Hope you found it helpful. If you do need additional help with decluttering your toy room or space, please read my blog on Decluttering and Organizing a Toy Room or Space.

Did you find the strategies listed in this article helpful? What were some of your favorite tips? How have they worked for you? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think.

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