How to get boys to love reading

Updated: Aug 30

Reading may or may not be a fun activity for some kids, especially boys. Boys who are at the stage of playing with toys, video games, sports, etc. may not be as fascinated with reading books as girls are. Therefore, getting them to read a book can be quite challenging at times.

I have two boys, a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old with different perceptions about reading. My eldest is ok with reading one or two books now and again (if it's his favorite), while my youngest is thrilled with books (he sleeps with his favorite book of the week at bedtime).

The difference I would say between them is my early introduction to books.

My youngest spend a lot more time with me at home, and we would often venture out to the library to do their toddler reading programs and also to get books for ourselves. My eldest started pre-school earlier and didn't have as much time with me to explore books.

I am a lover of books, since childhood. They were a favorite pastime adventure of mine growing up. My love for books I believe started with my mom's love of reading books herself and also encouraging us as girls (two other sisters) to do the same.

We would often venture out to the library, borrow books, join book reading programs or challenges, and attend book fairs. That I would say fueled my interest in books.

Fast forward to today, I want my boys to be the same way as I was. I am, however, aware of the friction with boys when it comes to reading, but I have learned that the earlier you start to introduce your child to the love of reading books, the better it becomes later on, especially with boys.

Here are several ways that I have used to encourage my boys to be fond of reading especially at the age of 4 and 6.