Getting your child ready for kindergarten

Updated: Mar 3

Kindergarten is already approaching around the corner for your 5-year-old, or soon to be 5 years old before September of the current year.

Where did the time go? It was not so long ago that you were probably like myself oohing and aahing … and wiping their little snotty noses with such joy. But now, you have to get them ready for kindergarten.

As the time approaches, however, for some parents it's a withdrawal nightmare while for others, they are bursting with excitement and can't wait to send them packing. I think for most of us as moms our biggest worry is if they will be ready for this big step into the regular rhythm of school.

Maybe you have already gotten your child familiar with leaving home by attending a daycare, or other school arrangements. For others, however (especially kids that stayed at home), that might not be the case. Whatever the situation is for each parent, the question is still the same. Is my child ready for kindergarten and should I be worried?

I have experienced both worlds and I am here to provide you with as much information as I can to help you with the transition. My eldest is already in kindergarten and my youngest has one more year to go.

My first experience with kindergarten started with e-learning as a result of covid-19. I was present virtually online with my son and his class for an entire semester (parents had to be present in the room... yikes!). We decided, however, for the second semester to send our son back to school (brick and mortar), just so that he would be ready to transition to1st grade, should they request that all students return to the classroom setting.

I completely understand that most parents are of course initially worried about academics, as I was myself. Is he going to understand? Does he know enough letters and numbers? Interestingly enough and to be honest with you, kindergarten is not only about academics. That is only one part of the readiness approach. There is so much more.

We have to as parents approach kindergarten readiness on 3 levels, academics, self-care, and social-emotional skills, based on my initial experience that I will mention in more detail below.

Do you currently have a kindergartener or are you getting your child ready for this milestone? Let me know. Please feel free to share your own experiences or ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I will be happy to help you!

“Kindergarten readiness can be assessed on 3 levels, academic, self care and social-emotional skills."


These are the skills that I was able to identify while my eldest started kindergarten. Just an FYI, I am not a kindergarten teacher, just an observant parent. Be reminded that each child is unique and will react differently to this new experience. Taking the time needed, however, to help your child get ready for each milestone is important in every aspect of their developmental growth.

Identify letters and letter sounds

It is easier when your child is able to identify all the letters of the alphabet and not just to sing the alphabet song. Recognizing each letter individually and being able to say what it is verbally when asked is a good starting point. Also Identifying the letters in their first and last name especially is really important as well.

Another skill that is encouraged by kindergarten teachers is to get your child to become familiar with letter sounds. There are videos online on youtube (my favorite is Jack Hartmann) which can really help with this. My youngest was able to learn really quickly his letter sounds by listening to repetitive songs about the alphabet.