First pregnancy vs. Second pregnancy

Updated: May 25

Congratulations! You found out that you are expecting number two and while it may be as exciting as the first time around, it may also be a little bit frightening.

The big concern for me when I found out was if it would be the same experience as the first and am I able to manage two children at the same time since they would be 17 months apart (Yikes!). This is how I see the second pregnancy...

Have you ever seen that commercial where a first-time mom walks around with her hand sanitizer everywhere she goes with the first kid but on the second one she hands him to the greasy hand mechanic without any care? IT IS SOO TRUE!

Are you more excited, a bit concerned or both? Let me know. Please feel free to share your own experiences or ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I will be happy to help you!

comparing the first pregnancy to the second pregnancy for women

There is a huge huge difference in the first pregnancy compared to the second one. Of course, I have to admit that every pregnancy is unique in my opinion and unique in its own way.

Some moms may have had a great pregnancy experience for the first, and the total opposite for the second or vice versa.

There is no instruction manual when it comes to preparing or being ready for your second child as with the first. The experience built from the first one will however help to navigate the journey of the second experience. Here are my feedback and takeaway moments that I am sure other moms can attest to.

“The first kid had the "silver spoon" in his mouth literally, while the second one... is plastic spoon ok? I guess so.”


It is so true the difference between pregnancies from the first mom experience to the second time around is so unique. The experience was way more different the second time around by far hands down do the giggle dance if I may. This is my view but remember everyone is different.

With the first baby, everything was perfectly planned to perfection most of the time. You had everything picked out, arranged, packed, etc. The nursery was finished and packed with everything you needed and ready to go.

You tracked each stage of the pregnancy by taking baby photos of your bump each month.

You bought the most sought-after expensive furniture and toys you could find (gym, rocker, etc.).

If you felt indigestion or Braxton hicks contractions, you had the doctor's number on speed dial or even went to the ER just to make sure that the baby was fine.

You bought the heart check monitor to ensure that the baby's heart was pounding away as you went along the journey (Yes I am guilty of this!).

The gender reveal party and baby shower was planned out to perfection with a theme, guest list, and a registry to die for (I actually had two baby showers, one of which was a surprise).

After the baby arrived, you had the huge diaper bag packed with 10 outfits, 20 diapers, 6 blankets, wipes, wipes for pacifiers, wipes for buggers, you name it the bag had it all.