Do's and Don'ts of Overnight Potty Training

Updated: Jun 7

Welcome to the world of potty training, specifically overnight potty training. The one as parents we dread getting accomplished. We may have finally accomplished potty training yeah!

However, we forgot the oh so messy nighttime stuff. So for those who are struggling with this task, I completely understand. I am a mom of two sons, one is 5 and the other is 4. No matter how many potty training classes I took to help with their transition, both potty trained so differently. It didn't matter what techniques I used because it all depends on the child and their comfortability with the process.

My 5-year-old potty trained really early but still struggles with overnight potty training, while my youngest took longer to potty train, however, had no issues with overnight potty training whatsoever. When potty training always remember that each child is unique in their own way.

Experts also agree that overnight potty training is based on a child's physical development, while daytime potty training is mostly behavior-related. Also, boys are twice as likely to have a problem than girls are.

So if you have boys, I can totally relate to you. So here are some tips that I have discovered along the way while training both my boys during the overnight process.

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“Here are the do's and dont's of overnight potty training that are helpful during the process.”


1. Do have an open expectation that not everything will go perfectly according to your plans but adjust as you go. Children are different and may require more flexibility when it comes to potty training. Also, potty training in each child is unique, therefore do not compare one's progress to another in any way. It can sometimes leave you frustrated or disappointed.

Each child is different and will respond base on their readiness to potty train. Eventually, they will grow out of this stage, so take the time needed to help your child along the way and be very patient in the process.

2. Do order nighttime bed pads to ease into the nighttime routine. I like the idea of bed pads over the use of pull-up diapers at night because it enables your child to become comfortable with being without diapers. The bed pads will also prevent you from having to change everything each time an accident occurs. You can order the disposables.

Another alternative is to also get washable bed pads. If you do get the washables, be sure to order more than just one. I recommend having at least 3 or more depending on the frequency of bedwetting rotated regularly to reduce the washing load that you may have.

3. Do allow your child to use the potty and fully empty their bladder before going to bed as this will reduce the tendency to pee overnight as a result of less restricted bowel movement. That would include both peeing and pooping to fully empty their bladder. According to potty training experts, the more empty the bladder, the more successful the tendency to not pee overnight.