Decluttering and Organizing a toy room or space

Updated: Mar 3

Decluttering and organizing a toy room or space is not my favorite pass time activity I admit. I dread the thought of facing the numerous toys scattered all over the room or space that I have designated as a toy room. My kids continually get toys for birthdays, Christmas, nothing in particular, all-year-round and it may end up collecting in a mass pile of toys that become missing or is damaged, etc. So I have been procrastinating getting their toy room decluttered and organized since forever because let's face it, "It's a lot of work". But I finally decided to take on the challenge (thanks to one more LEGO getting jammed in my foot) and to give them a space that is more organized to suit their growing needs. I will give you tips on how to declutter and organize your toy room or space. What has your experience been? Please feel free to ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I would be happy to help you!

Decluttered and organized toy room for kids
“If I step on one more LEGO, I am going to scream!"


My biggest issue with starting the decluttering process was actually having the motivation to do it. I peek into my kid's toy room and see the mess they have created, especially with the little pieces of toys from puzzles, blocks, etc. lying all over the floor and I cringe and run for the door. I am sure that you may feel the same pressure as I do. I however had to face reality and tackle the task, as my kids who made the mess, didn't even want to stay in the room anymore. They took up residence in the living room. What's the point anyway for having a toy room with no kids in there. So I had to get quickly motivated and set a deadline to get it accomplished. So instead of buying more toys this year, that I know will end up on the pile of never-ending toys, I decided to surprise them with a newly organized toy room for Christmas (my deadline). I had no choice but to get it accomplished. I thought if I just get it organized and fun enough, they would actually want to spend some time there. So here is how I got started after getting motivated to do so.



So the first step for me was to sort the toys. This took a LONG time because it was the worst part of the experience, but the biggest accomplishment after I was finally finished. Now it may be quicker for you to get it done if your not a procrastinator. The kids had toys that they outgrew, damaged, or were not interested in anymore that were just sitting there. So I decided to sort based on that concept. With their help, I was able to pack away the toys that they had already outgrown into boxes and garbage bags. Then I decided to throw out the damaged toys and finally pack away the ones they were not interested in anymore. This did not happen overnight I confess. The sorting actually took some months at its best based on my motivation or lack thereof. Whatever timeline or schedule that works for you, just do it a little at a time. We are all busy moms anyway.


We decided to sell some of the toys and donate some to children's homes, Goodwill, etc. See what is best for your family and remove the toys, so that you can be consistent in the decluttering process. There are many ways to do this.

A. Donating toys

This is a great way to give away gently used toys to others who are in need. There are children's homes, charity organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, Samaritan's purse, Toys for tots, Lighthouse ministries, etc., or thrift shops that can benefit from your contribution of toys especially the new, or gently used o