A mom’s guide to raising baby boys

Updated: Jun 7

Before I had my first child, I wanted a boy. I wanted a boy because I grew up in a household with two sisters and no brothers. So I always wondered what it would have been like to have brothers? That all made sense when I had my two boys 17 months apart (Yikes!).

Yikes is not even the word to describe these two lovable boys of mine. My nonexistent gym membership involves staying active with them and my gym shoes never made it to the actual gym. How is that for a boy's mom? But be assured " boys will be boys", but they are my boys and I get to teach them how to be men!

My boys mean so much to me. They are such wonderful blessings from the Lord. They are however quite different from the girls I might add (really, really different). I guess I did not understand the word boys up until now.

So here are a few of my tips that I have discovered along the way about boys. I do hope that it will encourage you on your motherhood journey with them.

Do you also have any tips that you could share about raising boys? Please feel free to add to my list, or ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I would be happy to help you!

“I have two boys a 4 year old and a 6 year old both 17 months apart (Yeah me!).”


Boys are a ball of fun. There is no doubt about that. They are energetic and constantly looking for something to pull, break, hammer, damage, etc. You name it, they will find it.

Keeping them engaged long enough to prevent much damage to your home is key with multiple boys. Yes, I hear girls are quite dainty and will keep quiet for longer, but I have boys!

Activities have to involve a bit of mixture. That includes outdoors mixed with indoor (preferably a playroom or area) activities.

Check out my blog post on 12 movement activities for kids to stay fit or 10 fun screen-free activities for a 3 to 5-year-old.


When managing boys, routine is so much better, otherwise expect the words, "I am so bored mom!" Routine helps kids to stay on track and organized.

Without a familiar routine, there is a lot of restlessness and mishaps throughout the day. When boys are aware of what to expect next in a schedule, it gets so much easier to transition them to various oth