A Mom in need of a TIME-OUT

Updated: Jul 13

It's the hectic holiday session and the busiest time of the year, added to that is the already busy demands of being a mom. I can only imagine what mom is right now in need of a TIME-OUT.

Whoever came up with the word time-out to discipline our kids, forgot to mention taking time-out as a mom as well.

So let's take this popular word and steal it a bit. Taking time-out for yourself is essential, and helps you to remain focus and energetic for your kids as you go throughout your day.

Time-out helps you to create balance so that you are not overwhelmed with being a mom, especially during the most hectic times of your day. Not only will this benefit you, but your children need you to be functional for them as well.

Therefore time-outs help you to relax, relate and release any stressors in your day. So here are some tips from my TIME-OUT acronym that will help you to relax a bit and take the stress off of being a mom.

Are you a mom in need of a TIME-OUT? How have you been balancing your self-care needs?

Please feel free to share your own experiences or ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I will be happy to help you!

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“TIME-OUTS are not only for kids; they are for moms too. Give yourself one!”


I know it's easier said than done for you as a mom to take a break. You may ask, what time do I get a break with everything going on? Scheduling a break throughout the day may be unthinkable, but it is possible.

You don't want to build stress up to the level that you are more likely to take your frustration out on your kids. My advice is that when you get to your limits, you have to quit and take the time out.

The laundry and dishes can wait a bit for even 15 minutes of relaxation. Whether you have to put a dishcloth over your head and put up a do not disturb sign with the alarm clock ticking, do what is practical but take the breather so that you can get the boost of energy needed.


What inspires you as a mom? What are you fond of about parenting?

If you do have some time, spend a moment to write down your thoughts about being a mom and note the many wonderful blessings that come with your role. Let it be a time of positive thinking not the negative aspect of it.