7 foods to avoid during pregnancy

Updated: Mar 3

Variety, as I have probably blogged a million times before is the key to maintaining a healthy diet while pregnant. You are more likely to incorporate most of the key nutrients you need to have a healthy pregnancy.

Even though I stress the variety part of healthy eating during pregnancy (check out my blog on WHAT TO EAT WHEN YOUR'E EXPECTING), I also have to let you be aware of the not-so-happy part. The foods that you may need to stay away from during pregnancy.

It's a bummer I completely understand. I myself, when I found out I was pregnant, we went out to celebrate at a Sushi restaurant, which was at the time my husband's and I favorite food of choice when it came to eating out.

Boy oh boy, here I was ordering everything I could think of because for some strange reason I was just hungry (Yes I did not know then what I knew now about hunger being so normal in pregnancy, especially the first trimester).

So we decide to announce to our lovely waiter that I was pregnant, as I was so excited at the time (first time momma!). She however pulled the rug from underneath my feet when she said, "I don't think you should be eating all this Sushi when you're pregnant!". What! I wanted to cry.

You are therefore not alone in your struggles. I will give you the details of what to avoid to make it easier for you. Hey, it's only 9 months! We will get through this together.

What has your experience been? I would love to hear about it in our FORUM section.

“Stay away from raw, under-cooked or contaminated foods especially in the seafood category."


Seafood high in mercury can damage a baby's developing nervous system. The FDA and EPA recommend only 12 ounces of seafood a week. Even though fish is considered to be a healthy source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients, there are certain kinds of fish that are not recommended at all because of the presence of mercury. These include:



King mackerel


Albacore (canned)