23 side jobs that you can do from home

Are you looking to make an extra income monthly? Are you planning on transitioning from a full-time job or maybe you are a stay-at-home mom and want to do something that can help with finances in your household?

Whatever the reason for needing additional income, the possibilities are endless. My goal is to trigger some ideas for jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home, and your job is to explore them in more detail.

Some of the jobs may require that you have some degree of background knowledge, while others are just based on your passion and wanting to explore something completely new.

My hope is that you will find something that will be a perfect side job for you.

Are you currently looking for a side job? What is your interest? Let me know. Please feel free to also share your own ideas for side jobs that you may have tried, or ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I will be happy to help you!

Here are 23 side jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home that pays well and is flexible.

“Side jobs that you can do from home that pays well and is flexible."


I know you may be wondering whether or not you can start a business blogging and earn an income from it. The answer is yes! That is my passion for a side job. It is definitely something that you can start small with minimum capital upfront and eventually grow into a full-time income.

If it is truly a passion of yours to start a blog, then I would definitely consider doing so. Before you do, please read my blog post on How I Started a Blog. This will help you to get motivated and excited for the long haul.

Income: The income for blogging can vary depending on your niche and dedication to getting it accomplished. High-income bloggers can earn up to 6 figures and more depending on their niche and level of marketing expertise.


Printables are another great way to earn some income that you can start and continue to do at any time. It really does not require much. You can be as creative as you would like. Whether it's planners, journals, coloring pages, wall art. It all depends on your preference. The only tools required to start making printables right away are:

  • Graphic Design Platform: Canva (my favorite), Picmonkey, Powerpoint, Adobe, etc.

  • Platform to sell products: Own website, Etsy, Creative Market, Social Media eg. Pinterest.

  • Mockups to display photos for staging products.

There are tutorials available on YouTube, Udemy, or any learning platforms that can teach you how to make them.

Once you get started the fun of creativity never ends.

Income: Varies based on the type of printables and the price that you plan to charge.

For ideas or inspiration do explore my Mommy Inspired Printables Shop.