10 Tips on how to survive Homeschooling

Updated: 5 days ago

For some veteran parents who have already started homeschooling, HATS OF TO YOU! For the many others who have just transitioned to homeschooling post-covid-19, I completely understand what you are currently experiencing. I too have switched to a homeschooling scenario since march and have also recently transitioned to e-learning homeschooling.

My 5-year-old is doing e-learning in Kindergarten through an elementary school, while my soon to be 4 years old has me as his beloved teacher.

Is homeschooling pulling your hair out? Here are 10 HOMESCHOOL tips on surviving the transition.

What has your experience been? Please feel free to ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I will be happy to help you!

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“Throw the schedule out the window. You will rarely follow it!."


Get the help you need to start homeschooling. There are surprisingly many homeschool organizations and support groups available. Some groups have extra classes and activities for eg. soccer, dancing, etc. to help with after-school activities.

There are also homeschool mom support groups available as well. Find out through a google search what you may have available in your area. There are support groups that offer education classes (math, science, etc.) and field trips that can give you opportunities for engagement with other families and build friendships as well. Do take the time to research the options available to you in your environment.