10 Time-management tips while working from home with kids

Updated: Aug 31

Managing your time while working from home with kids can be a bit challenging if not done properly and effectively. There may be two scenarios when working from home with kids.

One may include a set schedule like a typical 9 to 5 scenario, while the other may be a flexible work situation, for example, Blogging. However, in both cases, whether structured or flexible, time management is key to ensuring that productivity is at its optimal best.

I am going to provide some tips and tricks to ensure better management of time while working from home especially with children.

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“An effective work from home situation requires effective time management skills especially with kids."


If you are in a position to work from home while having your children at home with you, be realistic of what it entails, and make the necessary adjustments. Having a family talk with a spouse or older children who are more responsible is really important and can help to eliminate any wasted time while on the job.

The more aware your family is of your work expectations and schedule, the better you are able to manage your time more effectively.

Have you seen that video that went viral, with the kid popping in on dad's live meeting at work?