10 quick ways to maximize your time at home as a mom

Updated: Mar 3

As a mom, there is so much going on in your life that it can sometimes get overwhelming trying to figure out what to do each day and to also get the list of things done within a set period of time. I know what it can feel like when you have to juggle it all and still try to keep a positive look on life.

There is so much of a high expectation placed on moms and it can sometimes feel intimidating to accomplish everything. It does not have to be that way, however. Maximizing your time and effort each day while balancing family life and work-life can be accomplished with different strategies throughout the day.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that I use to try to help me maximize the time that I have. Just a reminder, I do not have the manual for motherhood (I wish I did), but I try to find ways to make my journey more manageable each day and to share what I do with my readers. How do you maximize your time at home? Please feel free to ask your questions or concerns in our FORUM section. I will be happy to help you!

“Maximizing your time is key to getting things accomplished as a mom."


You have probably seen this in most of my posts, that having a schedule is important in maximizing your time throughout the day. Prior to starting your day, jot down the day's events and schedule, making sure to list your priorities first, then appointments and tasks throughout the day. Also, I recommend not fully packing a schedule because you want to be able to leave room for spontaneous, unexpected events that may occur, especially with kids. For example, you may have an unexpected call from the school, etc to pick up your child or any last-minute errands that have to get done. Keep it as simple and flexible as much as possible.


Routine is super important especially as a mom. What I have observed in my family and it may be completely different from yours, but for the most part, when I have a set routine, I tend to maximize my day much better. Whenever I leave anything to free will, do it as I go, I don't get a lot done. I, therefore, believe routine definitely important especially when it comes to managing your time wisely. A definition for "routine" in my world means, having a set time to do things that don't really change except in emergency situations, or vacation time, etc. Having a similar routine, for example, bedtime with kids is a major thing. I have observed that no structure with a set bedtime leads to overwhelming nighttime stress, which may leave me just overwhelmed trying to get kids to bed, especially during a school week. If you implement a routine from early on with kids, they actually will stick to their routine and go to bed on time. Children actually in my observation, thrive more on routine and less on chaos. Have a set time for wake up, bedtime, meal times, etc as much as you can and try to stick to it.


Do you have that one kid who never seems to know where their favorite toy or even their homework assignment is and they call you to come and find it for them? There are toys or paper everywhere and you spend at least 10 minutes trying to locate missing toys or homework! It does happen, but the key to reducing the need to always searching for things is to keep clutter reduced as much as possible. Now I know this is easier said than done, especially as moms trying to keep the clutter down but, the trick is to teach your children the need to keep their areas organized as much as possible, especially in their bedrooms, play, and study areas. Chore charts, for example, are a great way of teaching kids about being responsible and keeping their areas neat and tidy. When there is more structure in these highly used areas, the need to find things is reduced, because they know where to find them. (Download a copy of my FREE CHORE CHART printable that you can use to help you plan chores)